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Energy Plan

The Energy Plan shows how United States achieves Clean Energy and Energy Independence in the next fifteen to twenty years. A plan is needed because during the last thirty years, United States has spent over $1 trillion without solving America’s energy problems. At chapter meetings, members are learning and understanding the challenges, economic opportunities, and environmental benefits.

United States Clean Energy Plan

United States achieves Clean Energy by building 500 Clean Energy Breeder, Thorium or Mirror Power Plants. The plants operate at efficiencies ranges from 40 to 95 percent, provide additional power to operate millions of electric vehicles, and generate electricity cheaper than coal or 3 cents per kilowatt-hour.

  • In January 2013, Roger Blomquist, ANL Nuclear Engineer, discussed how Breeder Power Plants generate electricity. Fuel recycling takes place on the site. The research and technology was developed at Argonne National Laboratory. For more information, please visit Argonne National Laboratory Breeder Program

    A commercial Breeder Power Plant generates electricity from one ton of uranium per year compared to fossil power plant that burning 4 million tons of coal and producing 20 million ton of carbon dioxide. Please visit Breeder Power Plants.

  • In March 2013, Norm Hansen, Energy USA President, talked about how Mirror Power Plants can generate electricity from the conversion of matter into Mirror Energy according to the mass times the speed of light squares or E = mc2. The technology comes from discovering the missing links in United States and other countries multi-billion dollar High-Energy Physics & Astrophysics research programs.

    A commercial Mirror Power Plants use 200 grams or seven ounces of matter. Spacecraft can take people anywhere in the World in minutes, communities on the Moon in hours, Mars in days, and stars in weeks. Please visit

  • In April 2013, John Kutsch, Executive Director, Thorium Energy Alliance, present how Thorium Power Plants generate electricity. Recycling of fuel takes place on site. The research and technology was developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    A commercial Thorium Power Plant uses one ton of Thorium per year. Thorium is more abundant than Uranium and can supply the World’s Clean Energy needs for over 10,000 years. For more information, please visit Energy from Thorium 

  • In May 2013, Robert Rosner, Co Director of the Energy Policy Institute at Chicago discussed Energy Policy to enables countries to move into the 21st century by tripling the World’s energy supply. People are

    The Energy Policy Institute at Chicago, EPIC, is an interdisciplinary research and training institute focused on the economic and social consequences of energy policies. For more information, please visit  

  • On January 2014, Raphael Lee, University of Chicago, discussed the beneficial and harmful effects of radiation: Beneficial effects of radiation from the Sun. Beneficial natural background radiation from the Earth. Medical uses of the radiation to diagnose and treatment diseases. And the harmful radiation caused by nuclear power plants accidents in the United States, Russia and Japan. 

  • In September 2013, Steven D. Rowe, P.E. Senior Product Manager - IEMS, GE Digital Energy discussed how microgrids control systems can better utilization renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to reduce the demand on fossil fuel consumption.   

    GE Microgrid Control Systems use can result in lower energy costs to the consumer because it encourages making smarter choices about power use.
    For more information, please visit

The Breeder, Thorium, and Mirror Power Plants can be manufactured in assembly lines at the rate of one per week. The clean energy power plants are estimated to cost $1 trillion. By comparison, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency plans to have $1 Trillion Carbon Tax ($150 to $200 per ton on carbon dioxide emissions). The clean power plants will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2 billion tons or 33 percent and will create three million jobs..

United States Energy Independence

United States achieves Energy Independence by having automobile companies manufacturing millions of energy efficient electric vehicles and millions of natural gas cars and trucks.

  • In September 2012, Brian Doody, Tesla Motors, discussed Testa Motors Model S” electric vehicle. The car was a five-passenger sedan with a lithium-ion battery pack, gets 300 miles between charges, and is one of the most aerodynamic sedans ever built. Some members were given the opportunity to drive a Tesla Motors Model S electric vehicle. Please visit

    Since Tesla Motors, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and other automakers are making energy efficient electric vehicles, passenger cars, SUVs and trucks, the automakers need to economically mass-produce them.  

  • At a future meeting, the chapter plans to the have a speaker discuss how cars and trucks are operating on natural gas. According to the Natural Gas Vehicles of America (NGVA), 15 million cars and truck in the World are powered by natural gas. For more information, please visit

    Boone Pickens strongly supports using natural gas for transportation because United States has the largest natural gas reserves in the World. For more information, please se

United States can achieve Clean Energy by building 500 Breeder, Thorium, or Mirror Power Plants and Energy Independence by manufacturing millions of electric vehicles and natural gas cars and trucks. Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 4 billion metric tons or 67 percent. The implementation of the Energy Plan will create million of jobs and stimulate America’s economy. 2013 Chapter awards.

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